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Uncanny Valley - "Consider The Source": Digital Download

Image of Uncanny Valley - "Consider The Source": Digital Download


Immediate download in multiple formats available at: BandCamp

Uncanny Valley is a musician, designer and printmaker from Portland, Oregon. He is also one half of the production team behind the acclaimed Bridgetown Breaks series of records. Consider The Source is the first album from Uncanny Valley and his eclectic instrumental music is a synthesis of samples and live instrumentation. The songs on Consider The Source weave effortlessly between genres – A potent combination of hip hop, electronic, psych and world. The album is a vibed out mix of heady beats that provide the perfect soundtrack for long drives and blissed out headphone meditations. Heavy drums and syncopated percussion play alongside memorable melodies and detailed textures. Years of record collecting allowed UV to carefully craft an album that draws heavily from his diverse sonic palette. The rich layers of sound meld to form captivating songs that are both seamless and immersive.

Track List:

1. The Gyres

2. Spice Run

3. Extraordinary Rendition

4. Dusty Pockets

5. Psychic Armor

6. Scope Creep

7. UMCD (Umatilla)

8. Idle Argument

9. Reggie Deluxe (extended mix)

10. Purple Flavor

11. Uncanny Valley

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