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The Ownership Society - CD

Image of The Ownership Society - CD


The Ownership Society is producer Main Sequence’s first solo project. It is composed of 100% samples, including many samples from Bridgetown Breaks Vols. 1 and 2. The styles range from hip hop to electronic to pastiche. These “Movies for the Ears” are not to be missed.

Track List:

1. My Unpatience Self

2. Suburban Interlude

3. Mannhandler

4. Atlanta

5. Fader

6. Goodnight Mr. Ludd

7. Look (feat. Loc Thiese and Ro)

8. Light and Sweet

9. Progress

10. The Guilded Age

11. Untitled

12. C Northcoate Parkinson

13. Belmont

14. Satisfaction Interlude

15. Pay to Play (feat. Loc Thiese)

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